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ऊंचाई>5'4" - 5'6" [160सेमी - 170सेमी]
वजन120 - 140 lbs [55 - 63 किग्रा]
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Half English half Italian Brunette
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What turns me on

Massively turned on by a gentleman, I love a gentle massage and neck kissing!! 

I like a tease, I like a man to take control!

What turns me off

Rudeness, a foul mouth and I dislike bad breath!!

Ideal day...

Other than waking up in a beautiful hot country, with palm trees, convertible cars and wearing a swimsuit all day whist being fanned by a butler in the buff with a cocktails and chocolate...

My ideal day would generally be to wake up late, have a warm bath whilst catching up on some episodes of my favourite series, having a cup of tea to dip chocolate fingers in, a face mash to make my face feel silky smooth and relax... 

सर्वश्रेष्ठ सदस्य
RubyFox इच्छा-सूची
Pandora Love Bracelet
Pandora Love Bracelet
I'd love a pandora love bracelet, so I can collect charms for memorable moments...
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Tiffany Heart Halo Ring
Tiffany Heart Halo Ring
The love of my life
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10,000 tokens! :)
10,000 tokens! :)
10,000 token day would make me the happiest girl! Treat for a good girl?
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Bubbly, sexy, smart, seductive and teasing with that hot , all natural body!! You are a beautiful person. Let me take you to a private dance!!
Love, M!